Founding of Kipco 1964
Founding of Kipco

Start of a poultry slaughterhouse in Wielsbeke (Belgium).

Founding of Damaco 1982
Founding of Damaco

Start of MDM processing plant in Oostrozebeke (Belgium).

The merge of Kipco & Damaco 1999
The merge of Kipco & Damaco

Merging of Kipco and Damaco into one Belgian Company located in Oostrozebeke.

Automation invest Kipco-Damaco
Automation investment Kipco-Damaco

Investment in automated MDM- and BAADER production lines.

Expansion investment Kipco-Damaco 2006
Expansion investment Kipco-Damaco

Investment for an expansion to enlarge the cold stores.

Start-up Damaco Foods Singapore
Start-up Damaco Foods Singapore

Investment and the start of a large expansion followed by Brazil, Moscow, Dubai, India, Philippines and Vietnam.

Expansion investment Kipco-Damaco
Expansion investment Kipco-Damaco

Investment in a new cold store section, new offices, new packing lines and technology.

Start-up Empro Europe
Start-Up Empro Europe

Start-up of a feather meal plant in Dendermonde (belgium)

Expansion Investment 2018
Expansion Investment

Large investment in production and infrastructure at the Kipco-Damaco HQ with a focus on sustainability

Bringing excitement to the food industry
Bringing excitement to the food industry

Futher growth in a sustainable and ecological way. Implement of innovations in our production. Investment in short communication chains, internal and with other stakeholders.