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A day to thank your colleagues

Once a year it is customary in Belgium to thank your colleagues for everything they've helped you with during the course of the past year - and to treat with a special something.
The point of this day is that everyone in the office arranges something fun for his/her colleague(s) to guarantee a fun day of work as a way of showing how much we appreciate the things we do for each other, and to give something back for all the times we’ve been helped out by someone else during the past year.
Everyone in the Kipco Damaco office drew a name of one colleague, for him/her to spoil during the course of one day – and the initiative was a success, with al lot of creative ideas: Stefan picked up Miranda at home, Simon received a bowl of soup from Bernard, a lot of people presented their choses one with breakfast at work, and others chose to display their thanks by baking home-made cupcakes!
What have you done for your co-workers lately?