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Code of Conduct

Kipco Headquarters

Kipco - Damaco (Company)
For the company to be able to pursue the values and standards that are defined, Kipco – Damaco takes its responsibility and provides the required funding’s to make this possible.

Personal development and wellbeing.

The management of Kipco-Damaco wants to create a positive working environment. An environment in which all employees perform at their best – as also our organization itself. That's why we want to focus on prevention, also around psychosocial wellbeing. There is the internal counselor which will always provide a listening ear and seek a solution within the possibilities. All information which is discussed in such a conversation is strictly confidential.

In addition, each member of staff, as part of the psychosocial well-being, has the right to contact Securex directly, External Prevention, psychosocial department.

Every employee is given the opportunity to take additional training that on the one hand develops the necessary skills and also ties in with his or her authorities.

After the training courses, every employee is requested a short report, to assure that colleagues are informed of the tips and tricks that were given. Furthermore, this report is also important for the necessary statistics and to provide an overview of the trainings that were already performed.

fair pay

Employees can count on a fair compensation for their performance. Promotions take place based on the principle of equal opportunities
Information and participation

Kipco-Damaco strives to ensure that every new employee feel right at home within the organization. The dedication of a godfather or godmother, therefore fits perfectly in our culture, it will ensure that you are quickly familiar with the operation of our company. During the first weeks, your godmother or godfather assists you based his or her experience and deed. This person is your first point of contact for all your practical questions and / or challenges. Do not hesitate to ask questions.

We maintain a personal and direct communication as this ensures we work as one team. Additionally there is also frequently communication through email and / or through the bulletin board in the cafeteria.

Safe and healthy work environment  

There is an internal prevention advisor appointed which has developed a risk assessment of working conditions. Based on the result, protection materials are provided for the

staff; ear protection, warm freezer clothing, safety shoes, safety jackets, safety glasses. Furthermore there is and will be invested in the infrastructure to minimize the manual manipulations of heavy boxes and the reduce the handling of electrical pallet transporters.

Also, all employees are subjected to an annual health assessment but also have the right - even without the knowledge of his / her supervisor - to apply for a spontaneous consultation with the company doctor when he/she thinks there is a health risk caused by the working conditions.

Company values

Our vision is based on the values below:


Naturally, our company takes respects very seriously. This means that we treat all colleagues with respect. Greeting your colleagues at the start of your working day is already a step in the right direction. Ad Kipco –Damaco there is place for discrimination and racism.

Not only do we expect employees to be respectful of one another in the workplace; they must treat customers with due respect at all times.

Customer friendliness is a major asset of our company and one that we intend to defend.

Respect for our customers, our colleagues and ourselves also means that we consistently perform our work to the highest quality standards. Each employee is aware of the very high quality requirements and is given further training if necessary to meet these requirements. In addition to the continuous quality control in the workplace, the quality of the work is checked on a random basis.


Kipco-Damaco is active in the food industry. This is a sector governed by strict quality standards (e.g. BRC, FASFC rules) to which everyone must adhere. Every employee must respect these strict standards. Order, cleanliness and environmental awareness at work are fundamental aspects of the way you should perform your duties, whether in production or in the office.

As already mentioned, for us quality is paramount. It therefore deserves a special section! Quality-oriented thinking, endeavouring and working is reflected in several areas: When receiving customers, by phone or in our buildings, we attach great importance to a friendly welcome. In production, ignoring quality would be unthinkable. The following actions are therefore performed daily:

Checks on production environment for order & cleanliness
Sampling of incoming and outgoing products
Adherence to British Retail Consortium (BRC) and HACCP standards
Cleaning & maintenance of various machines


Health and Safety

The aim is to create a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, customers, visitors, partners and suppliers. Every employee will ensure to comply with the procedures relating to health and safety.


Kipco - Damaco strives to positively contribute to its surroundings by minimizing its negative impact and by doing transparent and professional donations to local charities.


Kipco - Damaco undertakes an environmentally responsible approach in order to minimize the impact of the company on the environment. As a company, we wish to guarantee a future for the next generations. We strive to reducing our consumption of water, energy, and our waste emissions. Employees are encouraged to follow the


All employees are responsible for ensuring that the standards of conduct to be followed. There will be additional information requested when a situation is not clear and all violations of the Code should be reported to management. It is possible to do this anonymously.