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For the first time, a Belgian food company in our country receives a certificate of sustainability.

Kipco Headquarters

Kipco-Damaco NV is the first Belgian food company to receive a certificate of sustainable business. This guarantees the consumer that it is produced in an ethically correct manner, which minimizes the environment, humanity and society. AS4, a food consulting firm, has developed this sustainability certificate for us.


Kipco-Damaco has set itself the goal of continuing growing as an enterprise in a sustainable and ecological way. Kipco-Damaco chooses to do business with attention to the environment and consumer interests as well as to social and ethical issues. To prove that these are not words, they have implemented the international standard IQNet SR 10 in cooperation with AS4.

Exclusivity for Kipco-Damaco

We are very proud that we are the first Belgian food company to receive the sustainability certificate IQNet SR 10. In recent years, we have received questions from our customers, nationally and internationally if we are taking enough actions on sustainability. We switched to AS4 to concretize this. One of the examples to demonstrate that we take sustainability seriously is that we, Kipco-Damaco, are currently building a new facility with machines that produce as CO2-neutral as possible.
"Only when sustainability becomes a true foundation of corporate culture, you as a company are ready to build a stable future. We are honored to be our first food company with this certificate, trendsetter in the Belgian food industry. " Philip Eeckman, Gm of Kipco-Damaco

The certificate

The certificate not only limits the environment and product responsibility. Humanity and society also play an important role. The food industry must also enable consumers to ensure that there is no exploitation in food production. After several months of preparation, evaluating different processes at Kipco-Damaco, the certificate was issued in early February 2017 following an audit conducted by the external consultancy 'Vincotte'. This is according to the strictest standards in terms of product responsibility, environment, humanity and society.

Sustainability is the future

FEVIA, the federation of the Belgian food industry, welcomes this certificate for our company!
"Sustainability is in the DNA of many food companies. With this certificate, those companies can also prove that. Many food companies take concrete actions that together make us evolve towards more sustainable food production. Making this effort visible remains a challenge. With this certificate, we hope that the customers of our food companies who recognize and recognize efforts more well. "Ann Nachtergaele, Coordinator Sustainability at FEVIA