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It's potato season !

Kipco Headquarters

Kipco-Damaco NV provides you with an all-natural product originating from specifically selected potatoes, traditionally grown and processed to satisfy your every wish and need. Our Belgian soil provides the best possible environment to grow potatoes with a solid texture and an exquisite taste. State of the art production lines carry this level of commitment forward and guarantee continuously qualitative and crispy fries. As you shop at the grocery store each week, you may or may not have a sense of the seasons.

If you are paying attention, you will notice that in late July through August, there are more sizable displays of delicious potatoes. The Belgian potato season for the production of consumer potatoes destined for the chip industry can be divided into two parts:

•             The early season (from the end of May to the end of August): the production of early potatoes occurs in sandy Belgian soils, primarily in Flanders, and offers a choice between a number of early varieties suitable for fries with a shorter growing season. These varieties are usually lifted before their skin becomes hard so the idea is not to keep them for a long time.

•             The storage season (from September to June of the following year): as the name says, it concerns potatoes that can be kept an entire season as long as they are stored professionally. The typical Belgian fries characteristics has its own flavour, texture, colour and length.

It takes a few weeks for the harvest, washing, polishing and packing process. Then they are shipped to our customers around the world. As such Kipco-Damaco NV answers to only the highest standards of your cuisine and will not disappoint, whether you want gold or white fries, slim or thick, straight or crinkled, ..