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Kipco-damaco is expanding

Back in the '60s and 70's Kipco-Damaco was not yet the global company it is now. We didn't produce mechanically separated meat, nor did we have the global clientele we have now. We owned breeding houses for various poultry species, a slaughter house and cutting plant, and made our living through the sale of fresh poultry products. 

Fast-forward to 2016 and you will find Kipco-Damaco has become a major international player in the frozen food business with offices all around the world, and a history of exports to over 100 countries.

As of today we are happy to announce that the aforementioned old breeder houses will be demolished in the summer of 2016, after which we will be taking our first steps towards building a brand new expansion to the current Kipco-Damaco warehouse & offices!

With room for multiple production lines, extra loading and unloading quays and a brand new test kitchen (to name but a few of the coming additions) Kipco-Damaco will soon be bigger than ever, and better equipped to handle each and every of your demands!