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New facility is scheduled to be operational by the beginning of 2018

Kipco Headquarters

Work in progress to ensure that the new Kipco-Damaco plant will be 100% operational by  the beginning of 2018. Once the summer holidays have concluded the construction of a new 6.000 square meter plant, situated on the current Kipco-Damaco grounds, will officially start. This will add to a vibrant summer for the company, having recently also received an official Certificate of Sustainability: the first ever Belgian food company to achieve this.

The new plant is being built to optimize the current production process for the processing of chicken, turkey and other poultry meat. “It is a significant expansion”, says General Manager Philip Eeckman. “The current building in part dates back to the sixties and is in need of modernization. We intend to shift our production to this new plant. Not to increase production, but rather to streamline and improve it.”

The new plant will come equipped with machines that will produce in the most CO²- neutral way possible. It is because of efforts such as this that Kipco-Damaco became the first food company in Belgium to receive a Certificate of Sustainability. “Recent scandals in the food industry have made it clear that we need to be able to prove that we are worthy of the trust consumers place in us”, says Kathleen Malfroy from the consultancy firm AS4. “The certificate complies with the strictest international standards held when it comes to producing in a responsible manner. It is a label for those consumers who want to be sure whether or not the food on their table has been produced in an ethically correct way.

More news and information can be found on the Kipco-Damaco website as well as on Facebook and LinkedIn.