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The golden frying recipe

Kipco Headquarters

Step 1
Keep the temperature at maximum 175°C.
When applying ‘two-step frying’, do the first step (pre frying) at 160°C.

Step 2
Do not overfill the frying basket. Only fill your basket halfway.
Do not fill the basket above the oil level.

Step 3
Always cook until a light golden yellow colour.

Step 4
Do not overcook. Remove any fries that are too dark.

Step 5
When deep-frying smaller quantities (less than a half-full frying basket)
reduce the cooking time. Always follow the cooking instructions.

Step 6
Fill & shake basket besides fryer,
so no crumb & ice can drop directly into the hot oil.

Step 7 (after frying)
After frying, let the oil drip off and shake the fries for 30 seconds.

Step 8 (after frying)
Put the fries on an absorbent paper. 
Season French Fries after frying, never before or during cooking.

Attention !

Filter the oil and clean the fryer after using it.
Change the oil after 10 uses approximately.


Things you must know about BELGIAN fries:


  • ‘French fries’ were named by American servicemen when they came to Belgiumat the end of World War I. The French fries mislabel was reportedly the result of naming the fries after the French language spoken in Belgium (Wallonia).
  • Belgians eat their fries preferably with their fingers or with small plastic forks.
  • The Belgian fries are almost always served with a sauce.
  • You can find Belgian fries in various stands and shops that will prepare your meal for you to take away or to enjoy right on the spot.
  • We have a museum dedicated to potatoes and fries.
  • ‘French fries’ are good for you! They contain potassium, fiber and B6 vitamins that means our fries are good for you!

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