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We obtained IQNet SR10 certificate with great distinction

Kipco Headquarters

At the beginning of last year, Kipco Damaco was the first organization in the Belgian food industry to obtain the SR10 sustainability certificate. With this, Kipco Damaco set the tone for sustainability in the sector. The audit of this year was therefore dominated by the confirmation of Kipco Damaco's strong sustainability policy. And if they succeeded? The auditor did not have any comments after the screening and this can only be called a great success for Kipco Damaco and their external consultancy firm AS4.

The fact that the food industry needs companies that are committed to sustainable entrepreneurship clearly demonstrates current events. By investing in the relationships with their stakeholders, Kipco Damaco ensures the continued sustainable development of their company. A good example of their continued investment in sustainability is the expansion of their infrastructure that will be finalized in 2018. For example, a lot of attention was paid to the lowest possible energy consumption and further improvement of occupational safety.

Important to know is that not only the production company in Oostrozebeke has obtained the certificate. The foreign sales offices were also included in the scope of the certification, which only makes the performance of Kipco Damaco more impressive. Especially given the enormous challenge to take into account all local laws and standards. By involving the foreign offices in this implementation, Kipco Damaco can be assured that their trade goods are produced and distributed in a sustainable manner.

In addition to IQNet SR 10, Kipco Damaco has also been BRC certified for 15 years. The combination of both certificates is unique in Belgium and gives them a huge competitive advantage in a market where quality and food safety increasingly go hand in hand with sustainability.