Towards the end of 2019, the Flemish radio station Studio Brussel will once again organize De Warmste Week (the Warmest Week), one of the largest solidarity action in Flanders. Like every year, people select which charity initiative they want to support. They will be given a choice from a list of non-profit organizations that have registered and been approved by the King Baudouin Foundation.

Soup campaign

For the first time in its history, Kipco-Damaco participates in De Warmste Week. For the benefit of the Cliniclowns, the employees of Kipco-Damaco prepare heartwarming soup that will be sold to all colleagues, workers, their families and friends.

The revenue from the soup campaign will be fully transferred to the Cliniclowns, an organization that has been sending professional clowns to sick and / or disabled children for more than 25 years to offer them some distraction and pleasure. Their mission is to make them even just for a moment happy children again. Together they make the difference between a smile and a tear.

Why the Cliniclowns?

Kipco-Damaco is a family business in which the well-being of employees is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, some colleagues have already experienced what it means to have a (grand)child that has to be hospitalized - sometimes for a longer period. Thanks to the Cliniclowns, their (grand)son or -daughter got some welcome moments of distraction in these difficult times.

Thanks everyone!

We wish to thank all our colleagues for their commitment, their warm heart and input for the Cliniclowns and for De Warmste Week 2019. The soup campaign was a huge and unforgettable success!

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