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Our commitments

Our commitments

Kipco-Damaco has purposefully chosen for socially responsible entrepreneurship (CSR) as we feel responsible for the impact we have as a company on society.

We try to create as much added value as possible for all those involved with Kipco-Damaco (customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, environment, sector federations, etc.), our stakeholders.

Kipco-Damaco chooses to do business with respect to human rights, consumer interests and social, ethical and environmental issues. We aim for a sustainable development based on three pillars: Society, Environment and Economy or People, Planet and Profit.

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Our Code of conduct

The success of Kipco-Damaco is co-determined by motivated and satisfied employees. We want to make something beautiful together, #KDOneClub. Kipco-Damaco wants to be a good employer, with whom they would like to continue working. Our employees are our best ambassadors.


Kipco-Damaco is committed to a sound environmentally approach in order to minimize the impact of the company on the environment. We wish as a company to contribute to a healthy planet for our future generations.


Kipco-Damaco wants to create financial value for employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders in the long term. In order to achieve this, a good economic performance is an important condition.