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Our commitments

Kipco-Damaco is committed to a sound environmentally approach in order to minimize the impact of the company on the environment. We wish as a company to contribute to a healthy planet for our future generations.

Improving energy efficiency is a continuous process for Kipco-Damaco. Saving energy not only reduces the costs of operations but also reduces the pressure on the environment. Kipco Damaco monitors the consumption of water, energy and waste emissions very carefully and continuously works on a reduction.

We also want to continue to reflect on our ecological footprint. From our main plant in Oostrozebeke, dozens of containers are loaded every week. By organizing container transport through inland shipping, we as a company can save 200 kilometers by road per loaded container and so further reduce our ecological footprint.

For Kipco-Damaco, it is logical to embrace and encourage initiatives regarding animal welfare. The care for good feed, optimal housing and transport are essential for a good production. Animal welfare often plays a major role in ethical and social discussions. Together with our supplier, we contribute to more animal welfare and less animal-unfriendly breeding and slaughtering conditions.