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What sets us apart?

What sets us apart?

We differentiate ourselves in a variety of areas. In the area of production, we owe our competitive edge to our self-developed production equipment. Even though our technology is deeply rooted in the past, our in-house technical department is constantly re-adjusting the production parameters where necessary or possible in order to consistently obtain the best possible end-product.

The addition of a fully automated metal and plastic detection system underscores our focus on quality. For a company, acquiring and disseminating knowledge is paramount. We implement a well structured retention policy to guarantee the transfer of knowledge from experienced to new, ambitious employees to ensure that everyone is informed on: specific customer needs, market knowledge, production processes, product knowledge, legislation and logistics processes. In addition, because of our international presence, we are able to transfer our knowledge to all our customers not only globally but also in the field.

Export to 100+ countries

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Global presence, local service! Appreciation for our products and services has translated into a growing customer base that spans more than 100 countries. Obviously, every market has specific needs and requirements. We have set up dedicated teams to translate those needs into viable solutions. These teams are composed of account, logistics and financial managers. All relevant information at both customer level and market level is captured and shared within the team. This allows us to react with great flexibility and also provide you with all the latest market data. On top of that, you can also count on our services in the field. At Kipco-Damaco, we try to be as close as possible to our customers in order to work together towards the resolution of local issues and/or the development of growth opportunities. After all, our account managers are only a short plane trip away from you. Don’t hesitate to contact your account manager: he/she is there to support you. 

Unparalleled Service

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We owe our unparalleled service to a combination of factors. A healthy balance between competent staff and ICT tools creates a flawless and consistent work methodology. Damaco Group is constantly investing in the capacities and capabilities of its employees to guarantee that service will keep growing year after year. In addition, our IT systems are supporting our employees to ensure that your order is processed correctly. Essentially, our service is the result of listening and speaking with you, our customer. 

50 Years of Excellence

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Damaco Group is pledging to put over 50 years of know-how at your service to create your production and/or product range. Despite these rapidly changing times, the company has always remained in the hands of the Vandaele family. A family where values such as entrepreneurship, technology, quality, passion and customer loyalty are very important! The family, which incidentally is also working for you every single day, is making you the promise that, over the next 50 years, it will continue to uphold those values to strengthen our relationship with you! 

Master Butcher

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As a leading company in the meat industry, Kipco-Damaco has its own Meat Technologist, also known as a Master Butcher or ‘Fleischmeister’ in German. Our Master Butcher has spent many years building experience at the leading manufacturers of meat processing machinery and producers of specific additives for the meat industry. On the strength of these solid foundations, he now has the ability to search for products and technology, in relation to both the meat and the meat processing machines, and keep pushing the boundaries at and with our customers. He has chartered for us the unknown territories of fine or coarse emulsion types, chemical processes and natural compounds.

We always work out in the field and in consultation with the customer the best possible composition to achieve a desired quality and cost. In addition, our Master Butcher is also responsible for our TTC or Technical Training Courses. These are organised regularly to inform and teach all employees of all ranks and functions and consequently make sure anyone can make suggestions to take you to the next level.

Global offices

Dentergemstraat 164
8780 Oostrozebeke
Tel. + 32 5667 6211

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