My internship of 11 weeks as marketer at Kipco-Damaco has come to an end. Time flies when you are having fun! Not knowing at all about what to expect, I entered this company with an open mind. During my internship at Kipco-Damaco, I got to know all aspects of marketing and I learned how to put my theoretical know-how into practice. The international character of Kipco-Damaco is what attracted me most in this company. I knew that I would learn a lot in company as Kipco-Damaco, which I can only confirm now. Every day, I came to Kipco-Damaco with a smile on my face because I knew that a variety of tasks was waiting for me. Not one day was the same! Also, the employees at Kipco-Damaco made me like working here every day. To receive my bachelor’s degree as a marketer, I was asked to write a thesis. This thesis is about a current problem which Kipco-Damaco has to deal with. They would like to attract more low-skilled female workers. I did a lot of research about this subject. If I had any questions on this matter, I could always count on my internship supervisor or any other employee at Kipco-Damaco.

I can highly recommend an internship at Kipco-Damaco!

- Margot De Brabant, trainee marketing

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